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Welcome! I’m Sara and I love design, writing and taking beautiful photographs.

I spe­cial­ize in web design, but I enjoy dif­fer­ent projects like logo and busi­ness card design. I have pro­duced info-graph­ics, Flash ani­ma­tions and pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­phy pub­lished in The Gainesville Sun. My roots are in writ­ing, and I have a bachelor’s in jour­nal­ism accom­pa­nied by a minor in busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion from The Uni­ver­sity of Florida.

My strong expe­ri­ence in cus­tomer ser­vice aids to my foun­da­tion in becom­ing a free­lance web designer. I have a strong pas­sion for the arts, learn­ing new skills and cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful but effec­tive designs. Even though I’ve spent a lot of my career in cus­tomer ser­vice, my favorite part of my career was been spent design­ing web­sites, news­pa­per lay­outs, mag­a­zi­nes, info-graph­ics, cre­at­ing beau­ti­ful pho­tog­ra­phy and video, and of course writ­ing.

I love design, and I inspire to be a free­lance multi-media artist spe­cial­iz­ing in web design. My cur­rent projects include this web­site (it’s almost done), Aard­vark Yard­work busi­ness web­site and a kick­ball tour­na­ment high­light video.

This portfolio is a compilation of my interests throughout life, but if you want a quicker version, here’s my RESUME.


Outside of The Grind

Peo­ple remem­ber me most for my smile, sense of adven­ture and will­ing­ness to help. I have two dogs – a cata­houla mix and chi­huahua mix.

I’m a #gymjunkie as well. I love lift­ing weights and push­ing my lim­its to cre­ate new per­sonal records and inspir­ing oth­ers to do the same. I aspire to com­pete in a bikini physique com­pe­ti­tion in the future and become a per­sonal trainer. I’m the first to jump on any 5ks, mud runs or any­thing I haven’t tried before.

I was born from mother nature – the need to be out­side is an intri­cate part of me. My finance and I kayak, we have hiked a Geor­gia sec­tion of the Appalachian Trail (video to come), play on a com­pet­i­tive kick­ball team, hiked Pay­nes Prairie and hope to be sign­ing up for the Sav­age Race in the spring. We also own a 1993 Jeep Wran­gler that we’ve been fix­ing as things break, all the while enjoy­ing off-road­ing in the Florida ter­rain (when it’s not bro­ken of course).

I’m an active per­son, seek­ing new expe­ri­ences whether large or small. I love trav­el­ing, relax­ing some­where trop­i­cal, swim­ming in a Florida spring or sim­ply doing noth­ing at all. 


A good design can feel like some­thing you have always been wait­ing for with­out know­ing.” — Paul Huizinga

In this col­lec­tion you’ll see media that ranges from a news­pa­per lay­out to a web­site. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from each one of them. Click on the image when you open up the design of your choos­ing. This is espe­cially impor­tant with the web­sites, because you can expe­ri­ence them as if they’re active web­sites.

Noche de Gala

This is a web design I cre­ated dur­ing my intern­ship at 352 Inc., for­merly 352 Media Group. This assign­ment I cre­ated around an ann…

Full Partner’s Farm

This is a web­site design of a busi­ness, in this case an eques­trian train­ing busi­ness. In real­ity, Full Partner’s was a horse­back r…

The Har­bor­ing Den

This is a web­site design I cre­ated dur­ing my intern­ship at 352 Inc., for­merly 352 Media Group. The instruc­tions of the assign­ment …

Rebel Artist Cover

The Rebel Artist mag­a­zine is not a real mag­a­zine in print, but it’s a mag­a­zine that I cre­ated and made a sam­ple cover page to illu…

Anorexia Mag­a­zine Spread

This project was to see how cre­ative I am in the place­ment of text and pho­tos within a lim­ited three page mag­a­zine spread. The ima…

Blu Ray Cover

This project was very dif­fer­ent than any­thing I have designed before. It’s a blu ray cover, and the story I designed it for is a s…

Enter­tain­ment News­pa­per

This page was designed in an Advanced Design course at The Uni­ver­sity of Florida. I was instructed to illus­trate gen­eral design an…


I’ve writ­ten for The Gainesville Sun, The Busi­ness Report and INSite Mag­a­zine. Writ­ing is my first pas­sion. In high school I’d spend hours in front of a com­puter screen writ­ing, giv­ing me the momen­tum to pur­sue a career in the news­room; how­ever, I came to enjoy design a bit more.

The Smoking Ban 

This arti­cle out­li­nes the reac­tions of peo­ple to the ban on smok­ing at city bus sta­tions in 2009. It was writ­ten for The Gainesville Sun. 

Boys on the Side 

Boys on the Side is an all-female pool team that trav­els and plays in our pool league. These women were so much fun to inter­view.

Building a Brand 

Writ­ten for The Busi­ness Report, this arti­cle out­li­nes tips to help build and design your brand. 

Eclipse” Review

Writ­ten for INsite Mag­a­zine, this review high­lights the replace­ment of one of the actresses dur­ing a detri­men­tal point in the Twi­light Saga. 

Taking the Plunge 

UF stu­dents enroll in a vol­un­teer con­fer­ence to help sev­eral local orga­ni­za­tions all in just one Sat­ur­day.

Prairie Memorial

Friends and fam­ily come together in memo­rial of Dominick Mar­tino, a prairie enthu­si­ast. He cap­tured the prairie’s wildlife and led tours to peo­ple vis­it­ing.

Bree Tanner Review

This is a book review of “The Short Sec­ond Life of Bree Tan­ner,” a spin-off of Stephe­nie Meyer’s Twi­light series. 

Family Feud

Gainesville fam­ily com­petes on Fam­ily Feud. This was writ­ten for The Gainesville Sun. 


My grand­fa­ther handed me my first REAL cam­era for a class at Santa Fe College’s “Col­lege for Kids” sum­mer pro­gram. It was an old-fash­ioned film Minolta cam­era that I still have now. It’s unfor­tu­nately a casu­alty of humid­ity, but I plan on bring­ing it back to life. 

Photography’s always drawn me in as another art form I could use to show the world though my eyes — ahem — I mean lens. I still take pho­tos, and I just pur­chased a GoPro Hero SIl­ver, and let me tell you — it doesn’t dis­ap­point. Video projects from that baby will be up soon, so sit and stay a while. 



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